CBD dosing information!

CBD is a safe natural supplement derived from feminized hemp, it is 50 state legal with NO recorded serious injuries due to taking a very large dose! CBD contains less than 0.3% THC which not only makes it legal but also does not interfere with any drug testing!

CBD is not going to give you that stoned feeling! You will find your body and mind relaxed while staying cognitively sharp. CBD is known to aid in anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, joint paint, muscle recovery, migraines and an entire host of other health issues due to its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits to the nervous system!

Now due to no FDA regulation there is little oversight on the manufacturing of CBD products. There is a difference between CBD oil and hemp oil and companies tend to ignore that when marketing. CBD oil should be made from isolate which 99.9% pure CBD while more times than not a lot of “CBD” companies and hemp oil companies use CBD distillate which only contains around 60% CBD and the rest is other parts of the plant and extractions process. We only carry CBD oil that is derived from isolate for purity and that has been lab tested by a third party to guarantee the highest quality in CBD products!

Now for the dosing, after speaking hands on with many members of the community taking CBD on a regular basis they noticed it has primarily proactive effects opposed to most western medicine which is reactive. In other words using a headache as an example, instead of taking CBD after you already have your headache if you had CBD in your system for a few days it would have helped prevent the headache from the start. We have a patient with severe muscle spasms in her hands, after 3 days of taking 10mg twice daily noticed a huge improvement but it did take 3 days to build up in her system. She was even able to sign her name on our ipad when she came back which before was problematic.

In conclusion I believe CBD oil can be a great baseline for any healthy lifestyle. I look at it as more of a vitamin in which should be taking daily. Anywhere from 5mg-15mg twice a day has shown the best results after the initial 2 day build up!

Any questions feel free to reach out!

-Sean Graham


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